More and More Places across Europe are selling Rockster Superfood!


We are so excited that each week brings more places where you can buy Rockster Superfood! In Munich, Kafer decided to sell something to feed doggies and made a beautiful display of Rockster Superfood, selling out of its first delivery in a day! It is now available in all 6 Kafer’s in Germany

Also Art de Paw in Berlin and Ellyas Hund und Pferd are now selling Rockster Superfood in Ingolstadt and here is a picture of the beautiful Ellyas with some of my cans! 

In London Caroline and Michael Bible at The Thoughtful Pet Food Store ( have launched Rockster Superfood to their customers. Caroline and Michael are pioneers in the pet food world as they understand what really goes into dog food and agree that Rockster Superfood is quite literally the best, and highest quality dog food available in the world today! 

Caretails in the Netherlands ( are also very excited about now selling my Superfood and have even sent some to a dog in Malaysia!