Kimberleigh Gelber, mother of Bamboo (1 yr old Shih Tzu)

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing natural and healthy dog food which, I believe, brought my little furry baby back to life! I have an adorable Shih Tzu called Bamboo. She is almost 2 yrs old and has never been sick until December 2017 when we went through hell...

We were on holiday in St Moritz and going for our daily walks and Bamboo was enjoying the snow and fresh air when she started to get weak and lethargic. She stopped eating her usual food and stopped drinking and she was sleeping an unnatural amount. At first I put it down to the altitude but then she started getting home edible smelly sores around her mouth which were so aggressive that in 48 hrs, they had covered her entire mouth and spreading to her eyes. She was in so much discomfort. I rushed her to the vet where we had to anaesthetise her and do a biopsy to see what it was. The vet hinted it could be Lupus and that it looked very serious.  My entire family sobbed on the way home and we waited 5 long days over the holiday season to get the laboratory tests.

He explained to me that dogs just before 2 yrs old are at their weakest as they are changing from being a puppy and their immune system is at its weakest. This did not help my nerves! Bamboo was given very strong cortisone (both orally and topically) and antibiotics but still her condition was not improving properly.

Eventually we got the results, no fungus infection, no cancer. RELIEF!!!!! But a severe allergy to something that had touched her mouth. As I never used any plastic bowls, a possible cause the vet had told me, I started to investigate what I was feeding my precious little dog. I always thought I had been very good in that, every day, I gave her raw meat and bones which I believe they were destined to eat BUT I also fed her local grocery store dog food which I have heard people joke about is referred to as "The McDonalds of Dog Food".

And then I read an article about Rockster Dog Food and the incredible natural ingredients and probiotics and all other healthy stuff and how much care went into making it. I immediately ordered some and to my absolute relief, Bamboo, who, by this stage had not eaten for days, wolfed it down with great excitement. I gave her some more. By the next morning, she seemed brighter and eager for a walk and I continued to feed her the amazing Rockster dog food and she has been perfectly healthy ever since. The vet and I can only presume, that the severe allergy was something in the commercialised dog food and I will never take that chance again. Why feed our helpless animals food that we would not feed our human children?

Below are pictures of Bamboo taken today, bouncing around with healthy and vitality whilst in the park with her friend Chewy.

Thank you Rockster”