Kristen, mother of Kona (14 yr old Jack Russell Terrier)

"Kona LOVES Rockster food. I LOVE Rockster food.
Kona is 14 and a half years old and has been suffering from stomach problems for about a year now. He throws up often and we have not been able to figure out what makes him sick. We had him allergy tested, but I know he gets sick from a lot more than what his tests show. In addition, he’s a senior dog, so he’s started to suffer from arthritis and some back problems.  
I’m telling you all this, because about 2.5 months ago Kona got sick and we don't know what caused it. He was vomiting often, he was tired all the time, lost his will to play ball (and he is OBSESSED with playing ball) and had aged 5 years in 2 months. I went to several vets and they told us it was because he was old.
Then I met you.  
This is no exaggeration, within 2 days of eating the Rockster samples of dog food you gave me, Kona was spunky, like his old self and playing ball again. 2 days! He loves the food and the difference in him was immediate. He still has some stomach issues, but he is so much better on your food. He now gets nothing else, just Rockster, and I understand why it is a Superfood.
So THANK YOU.  :-)"