Roz Fisher, mother of Meggie and Bertie

"They have never tasted such delicious dog food. It is more akin to my gourmet meals, rather than canned dog food. Actually they love the Heaven and Earth, and almost devour their bowls and feeding station after each meal! They are also begging for their next meal an hour before feeding time, it's quite extraordinary the effect it is having on them. Meggie is a seven year old Boxer, she is my disability Assistance dog and has bouts of colitis, so it will take a little time to see if she is better on Rockster. It is looking quite positive after five days  on a mix of her usual dry and Rockster added to it. I hope that Bertie, aged 13yrs and also a Boxer, will just feel healthier and enjoy his food more than ever now that he has reached such a great age for his breed. Rockster has a pleasing aroma too; I usually dislike the smell of canned dog food, and there are no nasty surprises in the contents as it is being spooned out. I'm so pleased to have found Rockster, so pleased that someone cared enough to develop these meals."